Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Infection Control

It has long been noticed by dental community in the Philippines the lack of guidelines on Infection Control. This year the Philippine Dental Association put up its Infection Control Guidelines which the PDA based on United States' Guideline for Infection Control in dental health care settings. The PDA has fulfilled the need to meet global standards through the said infection control protocol.

All dentists have the professional responsibility to prevent transmission of infection. Dental professionals are always at risk of catching infection and passing it to others. Infection from patient to dentist, dentist to patient, patient to patient and dentist to others. These guidelines meant to inform and steer local dentists to strict and updated antiseptic systems observed internationally.

Kaya kapag may nakita o naobserve kayo na kakaibang ginawa ang dentists niyo, advise niyo sila na meron nang guidelines ang Pinoy dentists about infection control. Suggest the linked site above or they can get their own Guideline booklet from PDA.