Sunday, August 2, 2009

101st PDA Annual Dental Convention

Dental Convention Venue: SMX Convention Center

The 101st Philippine Dental Association Annual Convention & Scientific Meeting will be held at SMX Convention Center on September 22 to 27, 2009. Its theme is: Encompassing the Emerging Trends in Dentistry.

Dental Convention highlights (info from PDA Official Website)
1. 307 booths at the Trade Exhibit Area
2. Gargling fountains courtesy of GSK-Astring-o-sol
Health screening area (2 fountains) 8 am onwards
-near the lounge at the Trade Exhibit Hall
-near the lounge at the Registration Hall
3. Give away promos
4. Swiping machines inside the meeting rooms (PDA Identification card is needed to encode the credit units for the scientific lecture and time in/out )
5. Kid's station
6. Chapter's/Affiliates tables in panel type
7. PRC card renewal counter
8. PDA Identification Card (IC) Application counter
9. Legal Assistance/Advisory counter
10. Illegal practice counter
11. PDA hotline counter
12. UCPB Insurance counter

Visit the PDA Official Website for more details.

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