Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Philippine Dental Association Pangasinan Chapter Meeting

The 1st board meeting of Philippine Dental Association Pangasinan Chapter under the presidency of Dr. Ma. Victoria Tandoc was held on August 25 2009.

Jam Sweet Jam
The venue of the meeting is Jam Sweet Jam Restaurant.
Blue Jam
It is located along Guilig St, just in front of Blue Jam Resto.
President Tandoc
President Dr. Tandoc (left) started the meeting at 3:00 PM.
Dr Parado Dr Bravo and Dr Rosario
Dr. Parado, Dr. Bravo and Dr. Rosario
Dr Viray Dr Parado
Dr. Ruth Viray (green), Dr. Dominic Parado, (I forgot the name of dentist in orange)
Dr Rosario Dr Padlan Dr Silvino
Dr. Ray G. Rosario (left), Dr. Evangeline F. Padlan (Dean of LNU Dentistry), Dr. Agnes Padlan-Silvino (former Dean of Lyceum Northwestern University College of Dentistry)


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