Friday, March 11, 2011

Odyssey to Prosthodontic Driven Oral Implant

Dr. Errol Hernandez, DDM, MSD talked about Implant Prosthodontic Protocols

ORIS Oral Implants Solutions and Neobiotech presented the seminar An Odyssey to Prosthodontic Driven Oral Implant on March 8 2011 at SMX Convention Center Pasay. It's a seminar about Dental Implants and Prosthodontics.

Dr. Manuel Julio Reyes talked about Planning is Everything: A Top to Bottom Prosthodontic Treatment Planning. Dr. Errol Hernandez topic is Implant Prosthodontic Protocols: Impression Technique / Bite Registration / Framework Try-in / Prosthodontic Fitting.

The last 2 topics (which I was not able to attend due to prior commitment) are Immediate Placement and Immediate Loading: Cynical or Procedural Reality, Unraveling Ways to Deal with Failed Dental Implants by Dr. Heo Young-ku and Fast and Easy Yet Safe Sinus Lifting Technique by Dr. Jim Kim.

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