Monday, March 21, 2011

Pasay Dental Chapter 2nd Scientific Seminar 2011

The Philippine Dental Association Pasay City Chapter invites youto its 2nd Quarterly Scientific Seminar on April 26 2011 at Traders Hotel Pasay City.

Topics are as follows:
1. Diagnostic Answer to Oral Cancer
- Dr. Gary V Brillo

The first vital step in managing oral cancer is early detection. Among medical health providers, dentists have the primary responsibility to screen the oral cavity and detect pathologic lesion both malignant and benign. It is therefore a must for clinicians to be aware of the different methods of screening patients for oral cancer and to at least know the different ways of managing such abnormalities. The focus of the lecture would be to calibrate clinicians in identifying different pathologic lesions in the oral cavity and to know the methods of ral cancer screening. Managment of oral cancer will also be discussed.
2. Rediscovering Stainless Steel Crowns
- Dr. Trinette Chang

Early childhoood caries is the most common chronic disease in young children, occuring during their first three years. Most of the time, the child seeks treatment for rampant caries already. Dental Practitioners must be able to offer stainless steel crowns as the first restoration of choice especially for these multi surface carious lesions. It is of great importance to save the primary teeth because it is used for chewing, it maintains the space for the permanent teeth and guides it into position, and it allow speech to develop normally. The lecture will describe trhe indications for such and the principles of preparation, adaptation and cementation of a succesful stainless crown.
3. Pre-treatment and Post Operative Management for Oral Cancer Patients
- Dr. Jose Angelo Militante

With over 644,000 new cases of cancer diagnosed each year and two thirds of these cancers occur in developing countries such as the Philippines, thus we eill likely see some of these patients in our everyday dental practice. During the treatment of head and neck cancers, several medical deciplines are involved. Oral and maxillofacial surgeons, ENTs, Oncologists and Dentists. The treatment program differs from one country to another depending on available techniques, facility, experience and results. However the primary goal of any treatment is survival and the secondary goal is restoration of function and esthtics. Because cancer treatment can affect the oral tissues, the General Dentist needs to know the potential oral side effects, preexisting or untreated oral diseases that may complicate cancer treatment. Thus the dentist's knowledge and skill in patient management is essential on the success on the outcome of oral cancer treatment.
4. Reduce Stress: Through Memory Enhancement
- Ms Mary Antonette Cadiz

Memorization is the ultimate cognitive learning skill. It is during memorization where the human mind stores in information for subsequent processing into higher levels of cognitive learning. Without data to process, it will be difficult for the learner to proceed to next step of higher order thinking skills. Dynamic Recall can help improve memory so a learner can store, retain and retrive information in an organized and stress free manner.
Dynamic Recall teaches learning skills in fun, easy and simple stops and it is all designed to significantly and dramatically improve memory. It can lessen memory anxiety and eliminate mental blocks as memorization is no longer a matter of hit or miss.

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